ShoeFy Reshaping NFTs with Digital Sneakers; Announces Partnership with Coins Capital

ShoeFy is releasing a collection of digital sneakers as NFTs.

ShoeFy Announces NFT Partnership with Coins Capital

ShoeFy, a futuristic NFT project with an innovative platform that combines Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Fungible Tokens (FT) with cutting-edge DeFi tools to maximize returns, has announced a strategic partnership with Coins Capital.

ShoeFy can amplify the NFTs’ potential by utilizing both farming and staking to generate passive income. ShoeFy will have two tokens: namely, SHOE (ERC-20), the native Fungible Token, and sNFTs (ERC-721) which are randomly generated on-chain. Each NFT is an algorithmically programmed unique digital pair of shoes on the platform. Shoebeasts (Shoe collectors) can flex their new digital sneakers on Snapchat and other apps. ShoeFy provides special shoe racks for digital kicks, and when users (the Shoebeasts) stake them on the platform, they can earn passive income in the form of SHOE tokens.

The project is led by a team of experienced blockchain venture capitalists, creative NFT developers, and top-tier marketing experts from Europe, Canada, South Korea, and Thailand. Michal Horvath, chief marketing officer at Shoefy, said of the partnership:

“By onboarding Coins Capital as our Strategic Investor, ShoeFy will benefit from their global marketing strategies that the Coins Capital team can bring onboard. Further, thanks to Coins Capital’s over 15 years of marketing experience and more than 600 blockchain resource connections, ShoeFy will be able to expand its networks and increase its exposure in the market.”

Discussing ShoeFy’s model, Virginia Lam, a co-founder of Coins Capital, said:

“With NFT sales volume skyrocketed to $2.5 billion in the first half of 2021, what the market needs now are NFT assets within well-designed ecosystems which offer real value, rather than one-time wonders. ShoeFy is an innovative hybrid of NFT, gaming and digital fashion which we believe has huge potential for multi-dimensional market expansion and sustainable growth. We are thrilled to partner up with the ShoeFy team and can’t wait to see the first 3000 Genesis Shoes to come out.”

ShoeFy’s long-term vision to innovate and evolve over time will begin with tapping into different ecosystems of gaming, collectibles, and establishing a presence in the metaverse, with digital kicks that are unique. These will lead to expansion to different other merchandise through partnerships with reputable fashion brands.

Early supporters can expect to start minting NFTs on the platform as ShoeFy is ready to drop the most exhilarating collection of digital kicks on the market.

ShoeFy is an innovative decentralized platform that combines Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Fungible Tokens (FT). It is a futuristic NFT project that utilizes cutting-edge DeFi tools to maximize returns. ShoeFy can amplify NFTs’ potential by offering both farming and staking to generate passive income.

Coins Group is a private fund that has been providing global capital and marketing resources for blockchain ventures since 2017. The company’s capital arm, Coins Capital, has invested in more than 30 projects in early rounds, whereas Coins Marketing focuses on providing exclusive advisory and incubation support for projects in the company’s investment portfolio.

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